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International pet shipping is a service that allows pets to travel across borders. To make this journey smooth and safe, it involves thorough preparation with essential documentation, including health certificates, permits, and vaccination records.

Pets must be microchipped for identification, and they usually require mandatory vaccinations, such as rabies. Travel crates must meet safety and comfort standards. Health checks ensure your pet is fit to travel, and hiring a professional pet shipping service can simplify the process. Booking a pet-friendly flight is crucial, considering airline policies and temperature restrictions.

On travel day, ensure your pet is comfortable, well-fed, and hydrated. Upon arrival, follow destination-specific entry procedures. International pet shipping aims to make your pet’s journey as seamless as possible.

“Embarking on a global pet relocation journey from India may seem daunting, but it can be a smooth, hassle-free experience with the right guidance. Your pet must be microchipped and receive necessary vaccinations, including rabies. Depending on your citizenship, you may require import permits. Official documents, such as a health certificate from the Department of Animal Transportation and a No Objection Certificate from the Indian Quarantine department, are mandatory.


To ensure a seamless journey, provide sender and receiver details, email IDs, and 24-hour emergency contacts. Apply for required documentation at least 10 days before the travel date. With meticulous preparation, your furry companion can join you on your international adventure and remain an adored part of your family.


For in-depth information and assistance, our team of international pet movers is available via email, phone, or online communication channels.”

Generally, pet travel mandates crucial documents such as health certificates, vaccination records, and the requisite import/export permits. Nonetheless, it’s essential to be aware that the precise prerequisites may differ, contingent on the type of pet you have and the specific regulations of your chosen travel destination.

Before international pet relocation from India, several vaccinations are essential to ensure your pet’s health and safety during the journey. The primary requirement is a rabies test and vaccination administered 30 days to 12 months before entering the destination country.

Additionally, the following vaccinations are recommended for dogs: Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza virus, and Bordetella. For cats, recommended vaccinations include Calicivirus & Herpesvirus (Rhinotracheitis), Panleucopenia (enteritis), and Leukaemia. These vaccinations safeguard against infectious diseases, often mandatory as per the destination country’s regulations.

Remember, exact vaccination requirements can vary by destination and mode of travel, so consulting with a trusted veterinarian and international pet transport specialist is crucial to ensure compliance.

The international pet relocation cost exhibits significant diversity, contingent on multiple elements. These encompass the destination country, your pet’s size and breed, chosen transportation mode, and any supplementary services needed. Essential costs involve procuring obligatory documentation like health certificates and permits, as well as airline ticket expenses.

Depending on the destination’s regulations, quarantine or boarding services may also be incurred. For a precise estimate tailored to your unique circumstances, it is advisable to reach out to our dedicated international pet relocation specialist. They can provide detailed insights into the expenses involved.

Quarantine regulations for pets relocating internationally from India are contingent on the destination country’s policies. Some countries enforce stringent measures to prevent disease transmission, while others are more flexible. It’s crucial to conduct thorough research on your destination’s animal quarantine prerequisites well in advance.

Typically, most nations mandate a quarantine period upon entry, during which pets may need to reside in a designated facility for a specified duration. The duration of this quarantine period varies based on the destination country and the pet’s health. It’s worth noting that quarantine mandates can significantly impact the complexity and cost of international pet relocation. Therefore, proactive planning, complete documentation, and vaccination compliance are paramount prior to travel.

Certainly, we offer a comprehensive pet tracking system for your pet’s international relocation from India. Our service ensures you stay well-informed throughout the journey. With our tracking system, you can monitor your pet’s progress in real time, receiving location updates and status notifications, including any stops or transfers.


Additionally, we offer the convenience of regular updates through email or text messages, providing you with peace of mind about your pet’s safety and well-being. For any inquiries or concerns during the journey, our pet relocation specialist is readily available to provide further assistance.


Furthermore, we have established a dedicated WhatsApp group for swift and convenient communication. This group allows you to receive real-time updates and engage with our team for any questions or reassurance you may need. Your pet’s comfort and security are our top priorities, and our tracking system and communication channels are designed to offer you that peace of mind.

Sedating your pet before air travel is generally discouraged due to potential risks. The effects of sedatives can intensify at higher altitudes, potentially resulting in respiratory and cardiac complications. The Veterinary Medical Association strongly advises against sedation for pets during air travel, emphasizing the associated dangers.

Additionally, many airlines necessitate a declaration that your pet has not been sedated before the journey. It’s in the best interest of your pet’s safety and in compliance with airline regulations to forgo sedation. Instead, focus on ensuring your pet’s comfort during the flight through alternative measures like crate training and acclimatization, which are safer and more suitable for their well-being.

Before international pet shipping, ensuring your pet is well-prepared for travel involves thoughtful planning and care. Start by scheduling a comprehensive health check with your veterinarian to confirm your pet’s fitness for the journey. This is also an ideal time to make sure their vaccinations are up to date.

Microchipping your pet is another crucial step, as it provides essential identification in case of separation during travel. Make your pet’s travel crate a familiar and comforting space, introducing them to it well in advance of the trip.

Collect all necessary documentation, such as health certificates and permits, aligned with the regulations of your destination. It’s essential to stay calm and reassuring around your pet to reduce any travel-related anxiety.

Consider packing their favorite comfort items, like toys and blankets, as well as familiar treats. In terms of feeding, avoid heavy meals just before travel, and make time for a pre-journey exercise session.


If you’re uncertain about any aspect of the travel preparations, don’t hesitate to seek advice from professionals with expertise in global pet relocation. By taking these steps, you can ensure that your pet is well-prepared, comfortable, and ready for a safe and pleasant journey.

When choosing a pet travel carrier, prioritize several key aspects. Firstly, ensure it is well-ventilated, allowing a constant flow of fresh air. Proper sizing is crucial, as the carrier should provide ample room for your pet to stand, turn, and lie down comfortably.

Moreover, verify that the carrier complies with the specific regulations set forth by the airline you’ll be using. It should be sturdy, yet designed for your pet’s comfort and security during travel. These considerations are essential to ensure a safe and pleasant journey for your furry companion.

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